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In a former post titled Imposter Syndrome is Keeping Creators Broke, we talked about the ways that imposter syndrome is keeping us broke as creators. Now I want to share 4 mindset shifts you can try when imposter syndrome creeps in and tries to mess sh*t up.

Leave a comment below and let me know if any of these hit for you. Rooting for you like always!

1. What if brands find out I'm not as skilled as they thought after working with me?

Mindset Shift: What if they find out I'm better than they thought?

2. I need more followers before I start asking for brands to pay me more.

Mindset Shift: I can start asking for what I feel the value of my work is now because I'm not new to getting results.

3. I shouldn't charge this much for what this brand is asking.

Mindset Shift: I'm skilled & provide value, so I deserve to get paid for that.

4. What if a brand says my rates are too high?

Mindset Shift: The right brand will see value in what I offer.


What type of mindset shifts have helped you address imposter syndrome?

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