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I always classified myself as somewhat of an over-achiever and a perfectionist and I think my parents got used to me being one.

So telling them that my GPA had put me in danger of getting dropped from my MBA program was not an easy task. They took it like champs of course but it felt like my world was crumbling around me.

If I got kicked out of my program, I’d lose both my Res Life and my Graduate Assistant jobs + I’d be forced to move back home to figure it TF out, which at 21 years old felt like rock bottom.

Thankfully that academic probation letter combined with my praying parents was enough motivation I needed to bring my GPA up + graduate with my Master’s of Business Administration in 2016 😅

Enter full circle moment— I was recently asked to be a mentor within the Accelerated MBA Mentorship Program at my Alma mater— the very program I nearly flunked out off! last week we had our virtual kick off + you can clearly see in the pic below that I’m just happy to be here 😂

Remember when I told y’all that while things may not make sense now, rest assure that behind the scenes dots are being connected in your favor? well, I’m proof of that 🙏🏽

Keep going, friends.

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