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Imposter syndrome is keeping you broke. There, I said it 🥲⁣

Imposter syndrome is getting in the way of a lot of our dreams and goals and I’m really not here for it. ⁣

As creators, succumbing to imposter syndrome can often look like:⁣

❌ Accepting the first offer and avoiding negotiations

❌ Not pitching brands because we're afraid of rejection

❌ Accepting any partnership that comes our way just to keep some steady cash flowing

And what really sucks about imposter syndrome is that no matter how many followers or years of content creating expertise we have, it can still have us feeling some type of way 🙄

I noticed that the source of this imposter syndrome is typically due to a brand telling you your rates are too high, you believing that you need more followers to command higher-paying partnerships, or simply not believing that a brand will pay you what you desire to be paid.

And when this is the case, you settle for what low-offers come your way and well, that brings me back to my first statement. ⁣

But when creators understand the value of what they offer, it makes it hard for imposter syndrome to exist. That often looks like: ⁣

⚡️Long-term partnerships with aligned brands that you actually like ⁣ ⁣

⚡️Charging your full rate & being able to back it up with evidence

⚡️Increasing your brand partnerships income so you can invest in wealth-building activities

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